Manual Dispenser For Liquids White (case of 22 pieces)

Manual Dispenser For Liquids

Capacity: 800 ml

Packed in Cases of 22 pieces


General Description
Ergonomically designed soap and hand sanitizer dispenser works with hand soap gel, or alcohol gel sanitizer, with 800 mL capacity.

Made of high impact blow molded plastic that allows you to have shock resistance, scratches and wear. Due to its modern and elegant design, in White and Smoke, they are ideal for any type of decoration, dosing the quantity suitable product for washing

Thanks to its size and practicality, these soap dispensers are easy to install.

  • Specifications
    Type: Institutional
    Material: polypropylene
    Master Batch: White and Smoke
    Process: Injection
    Weight: 270g ± 20g


 19.50 x 12.50 x 9.00 cm

Capacity: 800 milliliters


  • Do not leave within the reach of children, as it can cause suffocation due to accidental intake of
    Small pieces.
    ● Do not expose directly to fire or weather.
    ● Do not use solvents for cleaning, only clean with water and a cloth.