Rosemary Citrus | Essential Oil 10ml | Diffuser

Earth Amenities Natural Essential Oils are made in small batch quantities to preserve the quality and uniqueness of our premium products. Each premium batch is specially hand crafted using only the highest quality seasonal natural ingredients with NOsynthetic aromas or coloring.

At Earths Amenities we care about the planet, our customers and global impact. We believe in sustainable farming, minimizing our footprint on the environment while giving back to communities around the world.

** Aromas and coloring may vary by seasons farming output.


  • Awaken senses, Uplifting
  • Helps reduce stress and nervousness
  • Helps relieve fatigue
  • Helps improve alertness, enhances mental concentration


Ingredients: Rosemary essential oil, Citrus essential oil.

How To Use

Directions: Dilute with water. Use with diffuser.

Warning: Do not use on your body.

Caution: Keep away from Children. Avoid Eyes. In case of poisoning consult with your doctor or medical expert. Do not use near your eyes. In case of accidental ingestion; drink plenty of water. Do not induce vomiting. Immediately consult your doctor or a medical expert.

Avoid sunlight and store in a cool place. Securely fasten cap after each use. Use within a year of purchase date.

Clean spills immediately, it may damage or discolor surfaces.

If pregnant, suffering from any medical condition, or taking medication consult a health care practitioner before use. Not for internal use. Stop using immediately if unfavorable reaction occurs.

This product is flammable. Do not use or store near open flame or fires. Do not through into open flame, fire or incinerator. Do not expose to heat above 118F | 48C. Do not use product near any open flame or spark.

Earth Amenities are small batch quantities and made from seasonal natural ingredients with NO synthetic aromas or coloring. Aromas and coloring may vary by season.