Sensual Essential Oil Air Freshener 60ml

Fill your atmosphere with a fresh aroma that is invigorating and enticing.


  • Romantic
  • Fresh Aroma
  • Invigorating
  • Enticing


Water, rosa damascena (egyptian roses) alcohol extract, nelumbonucifera (lotus flower) alcohol extract, rosa damascena (egyptian roses) essential oil. nelumbonucifera (lotus flower) essential oil.

How To Use

Directions: Spray around area of your environment every day.

Warning: Do not use on your body.

Caution: Keep away from Children. Avoid Eyes. In case of poisoning consult with your doctor or medical expert. Do not use near your eyes.

Incase of accidental ingestion; drink plenty of water. Do not induce vomiting. Immediately consult your doctor or a medical expert.

Do not spray on food items or surfaces that come in contact with food.

Some floors may become slippery after spray; take caution to avoid slipping or falling.

This product is flammable. Do not use near open flame or fires. Do not through into open flame, fire or incinerator. Do not expose to heat above 118F | 48C. Do not use product near any open flame or spark.